Strategy and diagnostic methods to harness the value of your corporate identity  



  • Corporate Identity Strategy & Blueprint
  • Science Identity Strategy & Blueprint
  • Brand Architecture
  • Verbal Identity System
  • Master Narrative & Message Mapping
  • Employee Engagement Strategy
  • Customer Experience Planning



  • Corporate Identity Performance Index® (CIPI®)
  • Healthcare Organization Performance Index® (HOPI®)
  • Asymmetric Information Dynamic Ratio® (AID Ratio®)
  • Product Perceptual Index® (PPI®)
  • Verbal Analytics
  • EMOTYPE® & Emotional Typography
  • Customer Experience Mapping

The Corporate Identity Performance Index (CIPI), Healthcare Organization Performance Index (HOPI), Asymmetric Information Dynamic Ratio (AID Ratio), and EMOTYPE are registered trademarks of Camille DeSantis.  Product Perceptual Index (PPI) is a registered trademark of SIGNAVA, LLC.   All rights reserved.