A global pharmaceutical business transitions from a B2B to B2C model

The situation

This privately owned pharmaceutical group headquartered in the EU was established nearly 40 years ago. It had become known worldwide for its unique business model focused on the in-licensing of innovative pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and nutritional supplement products in therapeutic niche areas.

The group saw potential to expand its business from B2B to a B2C model with the launch of a U.S. business unit. The group wanted to ensure it was positioned optimally to realize new, significant business opportunities. It needed to know if its current global corporate image reflected the company’s vision and mission, and wanted a deeper understanding of how to optimize its brand identity and organizational identity for clarity, consistency, and coherence throughout the group and around the globe.

The method and insights

The Global Corporate Identity Performance Index® (CIPI®) revealed that overall, the group had earned statistically significant loyalty from its employees, with the exception of one of their manufacturing plants. The company was largely unaware of this issue, which, if left unchecked, would have seriously jeopardized the group’s ability to manufacture supply of its lead product. When it came to the group’s reputation with external stakeholders around the world, it was statistically significantly higher than those of its competitive set, particularly with regard to the group’s industry-leading ability to form high-quality relationships. That said, unaided awareness of the group was extremely low and the corporate image was fragmented. So while the group was successful as a relationship-driven B2B company, the group would face challenges on the world stage if it chose to transition into a B2C model.

The result

Using the findings and insights from these quantitative metrics, we developed a global brand identity strategic blueprint that set the strategic foundation for the brand as a global B2C company. Today, after successful implementation of these strategic recommendations, the group is recognized as committed to advancing quality patient care through the development and commercialization of cancer supportive care treatments that benefit patients and caregivers.


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