The healthcare industry's first online direct contracting marketplace needs an entry strategy

The situation

As the industry’s first online direct contracting marketplace, this new entity would drive innovation in the healthcare supply chain environment. The entity would bridge the relationship between hospitals and suppliers to provide the best value and improve the entire contracting process for all. The entity needed a clear, consistent, and coherent brand identity that reflected its unique vision and culture and distinguished it from group purchasing organizations.

The method

We developed a research-driven archetypal brand identity strategy that defined the entity’s positioning and value proposition. We also developed a distinctive verbal identity, including agenda themes, lexicon, tone of voice, and messages for suppliers and hospitals.

The result

In just six months post-launch, the company’s brand image — as measured by the Corporate Identity Performance Index® (CIPI®) — was to be significantly different and of value to its stakeholders who had near-perfect recall of the company’s messages. The company’s Asymmetric Information Dynamic Ratio® (AID Ratio®) was a perfect 1.0, meaning the external brand image completely matched the brand identity strategy.


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