A leading non-profit clarifies its value proposition

The situation

This non-profit organization, among the world’s leading private funders of cancer research, had grown considerably since its inception. It had also established a sister organization — a clinical network of cancer centers of excellence. To realize its highest aspirations amid intense competition for cancer funding and donations, it had to clarify and distinguish its position.

The method

Using the qualitative interviewing methodology EMOTYPE®, we spoke with leadership, management, employees, and external stakeholder groups, which included philanthropists, academics, patients, and their caregivers, to better understand not only the current archetypal image perception of the non-profit, but also the ideal archetypal image for a non-profit. We conducted an interactive brand identity workshop with the leadership of this organization to better define the vision, mission, archetype, positioning, and value proposition of the brand. By identifying the ideal archetypal image for the non-profit and corresponding master narrative development, including message mapping quantitative assessments, we developed an authentic voice for the brand that was clear, persuasive, and in line with the corporate identity.

The result

With a clarified value proposition and positioning, this organization refreshed its brand, focused its leadership, energized its staff, and achieved new-found attention as a leading voice in cancer research and personalized medicine.


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