One of the largest healthcare membership organizations in the U.S. rebrands itself


Prompted by the rapidly changing healthcare environment, one of largest healthcare membership organizations in the U.S. was experiencing an unprecedented period of growth — organically and through acquisitions — to meet its members’ needs. It wanted a partner that could help it organize its portfolio of businesses under a unified brand strategy.


Our Corporate Identity Performance Index® (CIPI®) provided quantifiable metrics to determine why members and customers would care about the enterprise’s products, services, and ultimately, its differentiated promise.


The data showed that this market was commoditized — with the organization and its competitors overemphasizing price. That said, members’ and customers’ priorities had shifted away from the transactional sales model towards a consultative one in which expertise was shared. Performance and quality measures illuminated the gap between what members and customers experienced and what the enterprise thought it was delivering. And, finally, the two main companies in the enterprise were seen as interchangeable — a situation that had the potential to jeopardize each company’s success.


The statistically significant data informed our strategic blueprint for the enterprise to renew its commitment to excellence and distinguish itself from the competition. We helped redefine its approach to enhance the value it brought to its members and customers. We clarified the brand architecture of the enterprise’s family of businesses to improve operational efficiencies. We assisted the enterprise in implementing a new brand identity and verbal identity system to more effectively communicate its heritage and distinctively underscore its aspirations. Ultimately, the enterprise repositioned itself so effectively that it was better able to negotiate a merger with its nearest competitor and acquire another.


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