A new healthcare provider enters a crowded market


A new provider of freestanding emergency care and urgent care services wanted to establish itself in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area. In order to grow its new business and drive market share, it needed to be different and more valuable than other freestanding emergency care services, as well as from other urgent care centers and local emergency rooms.


SIGNAVA’s Corporate Identity Performance Index® (CIPI®) was fielded with consumers across Dallas and Tarrant Counties in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area, all of whom had received emergency care within the previous 6 months.


SIGNAVA demonstrated that local consumers — particularly 18-to-25-year olds — were not loyal to any one emergency care provider in DFW. Furthermore, they did not understand the difference between emergency care and urgent care. Two market scenarios were being played out: people either went to an urgent care center for a true emergency and lost precious time, or they went to an emergency care center with a non-urgent situation, where they were over-treated. Neither scenario delivered the appropriate care, leading to consumer dissatisfaction. Not one emergency care facility was considered to be “ideal”, creating opportunity for a new player to emerge and grow market share.


The CIPI® pinpointed the growth opportunity for emergency care in the DFW area by uncovering what was currently missing from the market and, more importantly, what the consumer-defined ideal future state of emergency care would need to be. A corporate identity strategy and blueprint for the new organization was developed and implemented. This strategy had a direct impact on the business strategy, operational and organizational strategies, recruitment and retention strategies, environmental design, and customer experience planning.

The launch of this new emergency care provider was highly successful. Physicians and nurses were energized and enthusiastic, and consumer feedback was found to be extremely positive. The model created by this process, and supported by the corporate identity strategic blueprint developed by SIGNAVA, was able to be replicated by the organization, such that there are now three locations in this growing business.


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